Revive Velo City

Also check out “Revive“, another prime cut off of the duo’s Velo City EP. — Follow Technique & Yaroslove: Resident Advisor | SoundCloud

Brasstax One-Year Minimix

Not to get “all up in your tits” with this again, but the Brasstax One-Year Anniversary Party is tonight at The Whistler and you should strongly consider going. Listen to our celebratory minimix and ask yourself, “would I have fun … Continue reading

Not Deep

Just catching up on some Vlsonn. — Follow Vlsonn: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Poetry is Gone

This girl had me hooked with her first record Life Goes On and she’s sunk her talons in even deeper with these two tracks from her Poetry is Gone LP. Same jazzy feel, but a bit more Hip-Hop influence in … Continue reading

Forward Forever

Grab a listen at Author’s new Forward Forever mix, these guys (Jack Sparrow, Ruckspin) never disappoint. I say that with full confidence as I listen to their live set from Outlook vs. Reconstrvct again (and again). — Follow Author: Facebook … Continue reading

High Art

It’s ironic that this track is called “High Art” when the art itself is inexcusably elementary. Whatever though, the collab is a great look and a great preview for The-Dream’s forthcoming LP. — Follow The-Dream: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Brasstax One Year Anniversary

The Brasstax party at The Whistler is about to turn one and I hope that you will join us in celebration. I know everyone says this, but for real try to get there early if you’re planning on coming, the … Continue reading