The Best of 2012: Kid Color

Here to close out our Best of 2012 guest series is none other that Chicago playboy Kid Color. Coming off of a great year of having played both Lollapalooza and North Coast Music Festival, Kyle has switched gears to focus … Continue reading

The Best of 2012: Gro

Carrying the “guest torch” even further is former Bizzies contributor Michael Grochowski aka miracleGro, as he steps out of blog retirement to share his perspective on 2012. Unlike Redthreat and Guidry, our previous guests, Mike went for a more verbose approach; … Continue reading

The Best of 2012: Nick Redthreat

Carrying on with our Best of 2012 guest appearances, we’ve got fellow Chicago blogger and all around House head Nick Redthreat. While our previous guest Jake Guidry focused on the Bass and Hip-Hop instrumental side of the spectrum, Nick offers up a selection of … Continue reading

The Best of 2012: Guidry

Kicking off our Best of 2012 guest series is my good friend and Brasstax partner in crime, Jake Guidry. For those of you who don’t know Jake, he’s a DJ and writer living here in Chicago who’s contributed to the late Signal … Continue reading

The Best of 2012

Well here we are in true Bizzies fashion, a couple of weeks into the new year and we’re just now posting about our favorite tracks of the last. For the past five years, this Best of post has easily been … Continue reading

The Best of 2011

Compiling these “Best of” posts is the most strenuous thing about the “blog game”. So basically, since I’m sick of looking at this, just reference our lists to get a general feel for how we vibed out 2011. Also, and … Continue reading

The Best of 2010

Well, 2010 marks another great year for music in the books. I’ll spare you the windy analysis that seems to come with these lists, but I want to preface this post by saying that these are just what we loved … Continue reading