By Ageisobar

Earlier today, the self-absorbed staff over at XLR8R graced us with their Best of 2012: Overrated Releases list. To highlight the hypocrisy and overall pointlessness of a “feature” like that, I’ve compiled all of the reviews and artists that they’ve flip-flopped on. Granted, some of these didn’t have formal reviews, but all of them did have a call out.

It’s one thing to write a negative review, it’s another to discredit hype that you helped build.

XLR8R’s Best of 2012: Overrated Releases
10. Supreme Cuts, Whispers in the Dark: 6.5
9. Disclosure, “Latch”: NA (also appear in Best New Artists list)
8. French Fries, “Yo Vogue”: 6
7. The xx, Coexist: NA
6. Baauer, “Harlem Shake”: NA
5. Jam City, Classical Curves: NA
4. Purity Ring, Shrines: 4.5 (HATED IT)
3. Scuba, “The Hope”: NA
2. Flying Lotus, Until the Quiet Comes: 7.5