The Hugo Ball

After dissolving what was probably my favorite resident party in the city (dotbleep), Justin Long and co. are back with a new monthly called Hugo Ball. It will still be held at SmartBar and will still be all vinyl (I think), catch the next event with special guests Norm Talley and Sevron on October 20th.¬†For more on Hugo Ball as well as Justin’s general¬†dismay for the direction that venues and promoters have steered Chicago nightlife, a stance I very much agree with, check out his recent interview with 5 Chicago.

From the interview
There is a vast air of disappointment and distrust hovering around the scene. We disapprove of charlatan promoters that do not treat the local music selectors with respect. It is tragically comical to watch these large budget festival line ups that are absent of Chicago talent. These promoters are not interested in building and creating a scene here in Chicago. Their only interest is in lining their pockets with titanic amounts of capital.